I wrote this a few weeks ago as the leaves were falling, so there you go :-)

She is light, opens tunnels up with her brightness

She is hope, full of it

Her eyes see beyond the black and white

She sees color

Life in a dead tree

Withering away but with her

Birds chirp and perch on new branches of her

Heart, she is the pillar of our society

Backbone of the air we


Her lungs give us oxygen

Her lips are the raindrops that pitter patter

The pattern of her wind blowing

Through the leaves, whispering

A soft song

Lingering in the palms, her sweet melody

Fills the world

The taste of the ocean when she

Laps up the sea shores

Painting the earth with the waves of

Her breath



‘What a wonderful world’

Whistling in the

Heat of the sun, her face glows

The yellow finds her darkness

And the stars illuminate her smile

She glistens in the moonlight

Eyes water

Clouding up

Her vision becomes foggy

She drops happiness

Lands on dust filling it with life

She is love, carves hearts and molds them

She is earth, clay versatile and deep

Deep in her centre

She boils with appreciation for all she gets to be

And all we get to be are her admirers

All we get to be are her admirers

All we should be are her admirers

Pamper her with gifts, because she is a queen

Crown her with all her jewels

Let them sit on her head

They are not ours for the taking

Let them be where they may

They are not ours for the faking

We validate our existence with her possessions

It is not mine

It is not yours

We validate our being with her belongings

But our being is nothing without her

She does not belong to us

We are hers

We are not ours

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Small, reductionist.

WARNING – Fueled by an outraged(indignant) emotional state, so you know, everything is a little up there, if that’s gonna piss you off, stop here, or read on and get into an argument with me about it, maybe you’ll help me see it from another perspective

I’m gonna express my views about the following article and issues related to it that were conjured up in my mind

Something about sharing these¬†unnerving¬†articles and spurs of journalistic stupidity makes me feel like I’m propagating the miniaturization of ‘happenings’ they present with tiny closed up mindsets, but they’re just so ridiculous I feel like I need to make sure you see the ridiculousness too,,,,backwards as that may be, read the story, then wash your mind with some Dr. Seuss, because I doubt anything else can cure you of the brain cells you will probably lose reading this,,,,just saying


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I don’t shave

So I’m taking an Intro to Lit. class, and we’ve been studying Fight Club (we watched the movie, didn’t have to read the book, talked about it, had a blast, my professor is awesome!) and we had to do an essay on whatever, as long as it related to the material in some way or another. I’ve talked about this to a few people because it comes up when I lift my arms, or show my legs, but I feel like this essay puts my views forward in a clearer way, and seeing as this blog is essentially an extension of myself I thought I would share it.

I thought about taking out the Fight Club references, but I love the movie,,,,and I didn’t feel like it.

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Some kind of fear, or courage

I’ve been experiencing this feeling for the longest time, and it just becomes more daunting and daunting each time that I do. I don’t know if there is a single word for it, if you know of one please let me know. If you’ve read most of my blog, you’ll know that I’m a writer, of many sorts, mostly splashing pages with my running thoughts, trying to catch up with them, but on occasion I write poetry. Sometimes I write satisfactory poetry, the kind that sends some kind of message and speaks to someone, which is all I could ever ask for. Sometimes I write crap poetry that should actually never ever be seen by anyone, lest it disintegrates their brain cells with its toxic worthlessness (yes I’m exaggerating,,,,maybe). What scares and excites me the most is my last piece being my best piece. I think that’s all I have to say about that. I’m in a weird place right now where I’m feeling extremely vulnerable. It’s an exciting place, because it means something (I’m trying to figure out what) has pushed me so far into myself and forced me out, and now I don’t have anywhere to hide. I know there is something extraordinary about vulnerability, and what lies in those moments. The truth, naked, stripped of all the layers we pile on everyday of our life. I hope this feeling doesn’t go away. It sucks terribly! It’s a little terrifying, just like the feeling of not being able to live up to your last piece! But there is something in this place waiting to be found, and with these thoughts I’m brewing in my mind, I welcome it. I only hope my forwardness doesn’t scare anything back in.


Wait for it, Or go after it?

So there’s something I want. It’s not really important, I just can’t stop thinking about it, and it’s really been frustrating me for a while.

It’s something I could probably live without, and I would eventually get over it, but I kinda don’t want to. I have this agreement with my mind right, if there’s something we both like, and are interested in (we being heart and mind) we let it take over both of us. That’s dumb right? Have one foot on the ground and what not for Pete’s sake. Yeah I know that, and I understand that,,,,logically, but it just doesn’t translate into a reality.

This thing, I haven’t been able to get it off my mind, not just the thing though, but the situation surrounding it, the repercussions of attaining it, the consequences of not attaining it, the process of trying to attain it and what that might do to my mental health,,,,

I am stuck, at this point of immersion, where either decision could go really well, or really badly, in both senses,,,,if that makes sense? E.g if I go after it, and get it, it might not be a good thing,,,,sense made? I believe we are together

So ummmm, that’s where I am at the moment. Just floating in limbo in the waiting place.


‘But I know,,,,somehow I’ll escape, all this waiting and staying. I’ll find the bright places, where Boom Bands are playing. With banner flip-flapping, once more I’ll ride high! Ready for anything under the sky. Ready because I’m that kind of guy!’ – the one and only

See you in a few hopefully.

Thanks for reading my nonsense.