A sleeve and a heart

There is something to be said of the soul that wears it’s heart on a sleeve
tugged and pulled at so hard that it’s wrist had no protection to boast,
just raw skin aching to ripen with every bit of sunshine that touched it,
every bit of rainfall that graced it’s extended palms
opened up toward the sky, ready
to catch the burning stars
even if it meant it had to hold fire,
fingers clutching around a ball of heat
willing the star to lend it’s light to the soul that dared to hold it, and maybe,
just maybe
give the soul the courage
to boast it’s exposed wrist,
heart dancing on it’s naked sleeve.


In my life, as in everyone else’s I assume, I’m constantly trying to negotiate balance between external and internal, the world and self. When you realise something new about the world and accept an idea you previously weren’t invested in, you start to change. The way you speak starts to differ, and subsequently your decisions and actions that follow mold a different you, and the balance shifts. Continue reading


Me, my home.

This past Saturday April 4th the Africa Student Union in Fredericton held an event  – Africa Night – that seeks to celebrate and educate the community on Africa. To say the past few days have been difficult being away from home, and my family, would be an understatement. Having an opportunity to be with so many people from my continent to celebrate it’s beauty, was a tremendous blessing. Sharing a moment of silence for all the lost souls, and singing the national anthem was a gift God granted me in that place where I found comfort in the crowds companionship.

I had written a spoken word piece last month specifically for this event, and I got to perform it for the audience. I wanted to share these words in this space as well. Continue reading


Can we get it right?

It’s no secret that the world is flawed. There are countless problems, both systemically and individually (and lets not get into how the system is created by individuals, lets assume the distinction as clear cut). Countless philosophers have debated and come to conclusions that seem like appropriate ones to be made about the world we live in, and what makes it the way it is, and for all that they saw, they might be. Continue reading