Can we get it right?

It’s no secret that the world is flawed. There are countless problems, both systemically and individually (and lets not get into how the system is created by individuals, lets assume the distinction as clear cut). Countless philosophers have debated and come to conclusions that seem like appropriate ones to be made about the world we live in, and what makes it the way it is, and for all that they saw, they might be. Continue reading


The Poets Agenda

Originally posted on Betty Generic:

To hang stars one by one
Sieving rust into glitter
To build dreams from ashes
To look for patterns in brocade and well worn paths of memory
cutting through forests and fields and
swimming through streams of tomorrows
and navigating minefields of detached yesterdays
Through snow and storms
Until one day

I remember everything,
Whispers the sea
And the poet asks,
Tell me
Tell me
When time began
Tell me
Why that smile is impossible to forget

Tell me how to start over
Tell me

The sea
And the moon
And the stars
And the lark
And the still small voice

To rage
To love
To hope
To dream
To feel
To defend

To remember
When forgetting would make all the pieces fit
Because they should know
the pieces never really fit

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Small, reductionist.

WARNING – Fueled by an outraged(indignant) emotional state, so you know, everything is a little up there, if that’s gonna piss you off, stop here, or read on and get into an argument with me about it, maybe you’ll help me see it from another perspective

I’m gonna express my views about the following article and issues related to it that were conjured up in my mind

Something about sharing these unnerving articles and spurs of journalistic stupidity makes me feel like I’m propagating the miniaturization of ‘happenings’ they present with tiny closed up mindsets, but they’re just so ridiculous I feel like I need to make sure you see the ridiculousness too,,,,backwards as that may be, read the story, then wash your mind with some Dr. Seuss, because I doubt anything else can cure you of the brain cells you will probably lose reading this,,,,just saying


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