i will fall for you, hard
crack ribs and give you heart
bury you in caring
hand you happiness and make you joy

i promise to sing for you
will your bad days out of existence and whisper the melody of the heavens to remind you that I will care for you, but Her will care for you more
i will guide you to Her altar and help you offload the burdens you couldn’t lift off alone
help you set them at Her feet
we will stand there, hand in hand, and dance our weightless heads off our shoulders
dance with the light and love of God flowing through us

and i promise to sit with you, where vulnerable meets mask
this place will not be safe
my words will not protect you but my naked will comfort you
so i will leave my ugly out and place it next to yours
name it perfection as black and colour it truth
there is no hurting too foreign for my taste buds
no sound too shrill for forgiveness
and when we say things we didn’t mean to each other
there will be mirror in apology
breath in relief – acceptance
and water in rebirth

i will love you with an everlasting love

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