a version of me

Laura Ekumbo is a Kenyan born, Nairobi based performing artist and writer. She has performed poetry, acted, sang, danced, spoken, and hosted events on over 30 stages in 4 countries around the world. She has hosted TEDx Youth, and performed and spoken at numerous festivals including Storymoja Festival, JALADA Mobile Literary and Arts Festival, Ubumutu Arts Festival, and Kampala International Theatre Festival. Laura most recently coached 10 actors for a bilingual feature film in Kwale County, Kenya.

As the L in The LAM Sisterhood, co-wrote, executive produced, and starred in the critically acclaimed stage play “Too Early For Birds : The Brazen Edition”.

As an actor, she has played leading roles in productions by Code Ink, The Next Folding Theatre Company, Sitawa Namwalie, Pr3vail Stages, Phoenix Players, Story Zetu, and JALADA (an award winning staged production of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s Upright Revolution in 7 languages). She has also performed in musical theatre productions, and written original material for the stage.

As a poet, Laura competed in two Slam Africa editions, placing runner up at the 52nd edition. She has performed at numerous poetry events and open mics within Nairobi; featuring at Kwani? Open Mic, Nakuru, and in Canada. She is a Cafe Ngoma Award Nominee in the Spoken Word category, and her work has been featured on numerous platforms in Kenya, and Canada.

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